NACFC 2021 | Plenary 3: Expanding the Horizon of Therapies for the Underlying Cause of CF

Published on november 11, 2021 by

Over the last decade, highly effective CFTR modulators (HEM) have transformed the health and prospects for a large majority of people with CF. Nevertheless, there remains a substantial need to bring effective CFTR therapies to those with CF who lack treatment options for the underlying cause of their disease as well as those with sup-optimal responses or tolerability issues to approved drugs.

During plenary 3 of NACFC 2021, Manu Jain MD, MSc, will highlight recent data on the real world-impact of HEM as well as data supporting the use of CFTR modulators in new CF communities. He will also discuss emerging data on the pre-clinical and clinical development of genetic therapies that rescue, restore and/or replace CFTR as well as alternative strategies to target the underlying ion transport defects of the disease.

Originally recorded November 5, 2021.


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