NACFC 2021 | Olivia’s Experience in CF Clinical Trials

Published on november 6, 2021 by

Growing up with CF, Olivia was hospitalized often — as frequently as three to five times a year — causing her to miss school, and take away time with her friends and family. Today, Olivia is a first-year law student at DePaul University interested in studying medical malpractice.

However, Olivia’s mutations do not currently benefit from any available CFTR modulators. In this video, originally featured in three of NACFC 2021, “Expanding the Horizon of Therapies for the Underlying Cause of CF” she shares why she participates in CF clinical trials.

Originally recorded September 17, 2021. Featured in plenary 3 of NACFC 2021.

Participate in a CF clinical trial:


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