NACFC 2020 | S03: The PT/RT Year in Review: Where Are We and Where Are We Going

Published on november 19, 2020 by

Where are we? Physical therapists have been working to examine clinical questions related to gross motor development & vestibular dysfunction in patients with CF. We will discuss how to screen these systems in our patients with CF, specifically the outcome measures to use in the clinical setting to assess these clinical features. We will present the data that these screening tools have yielded and what interventions are indicated to promote participation, airway clearance, and quality of life in our patients with CF.

Where are we going? In light of the disruption of COVID-19 and travel bans, we will discuss how home spirometry and telemedicine are becoming a focus of interest for the CF community. We will examine options that will assist with how modern technology will assist with putting patient at ease and still allow them to have the best care available.


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